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Archana June 13, 2014 Zaplee Videos / Zaplee Videos

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Archana September 19, 2013 2 Common Troubleshooting Questions

Please ensure that you follow this checklist so that you can test the basic routing to your skypeid.

1) Check if you have added and as contacts in your skype.
2) Check if skype privacy settings are properly set. Please see this link
3) Check if skype is running behind firewall. This link can help you to check

4) Its also advisable to turn off skype voice mail messaging functionality as it causes problems in working of zaplee's call forwarding or transfer functionality. Instead please use zaplee's voice mail functionality.
For more complex routing related issues where there are more routing options needed, there is another forum link which will help you out. Please see following link

Archana August 30, 2012 Zaplee How-To's

You can add phone number as extension. You need to enter the number in particular format mentioned below.

If the save fail with an error "Number is invalid", then check the number and enter the number as per format mentioned below.

PSTN lines route out as an outside line and will be charged per minute. 

Please check the Zaplee Billing tab whether you have funds to route calls to phone.


For numbers within the US 


Enter 1 <area code> <number>  (numbers only, adding symbols will cause errors in your routing)

Example - 15554443322



For  numbers outside of the US


Enter 011 <country code> <area code> <number>  (numbers only, adding symbols will cause errors in your routing)

Example - 0115554443322

 Please do not add dashes, plus signs or spaces

Doug April 18, 2012 Zaplee How-To's

Why would you want to use the Zaplee webphone?  Because its cheaper and easier than Skype and it allows  you to display your company's caller ID to the caller!

To use Zaplee's webphone, follow three simple steps:

Make sure to have enough funds in  Zaplee Billing to make outbound calls - this will allow us to bill for the outbound minutes.  Simply log into your Zaplee account, and go to the Zaplee Billing tab and fund the subscription.  





Create a SIP Login: Go to Employees section, pull down on the extension types next to an employee (Skype, SIP, or PSTN) and choose SIP.  Press Save Changes on the Employee profile and Zaplee will generate a SIP Login in the window.  This will send an email to the employee which will also have the SIP login details.  If that does not happen, click on the "send email notification" icon next to the employee name in the top window of the Employees page:webphoneemp.jpg
Lastly, check the employee email account and follow the second link to login to the webphone, login using the credentials provided on the email and start dialing!   (Some users might have to download and install a small Java applet).  Remember, while dialling international numbers use 011 to prefix the number as the calls are originating from US, and for dialling US numbers start with 1 and then the number starting with area code. The calls will be charged according to the rates published on our outbound rate chart. refer

Doug November 21, 2011 4 Zaplee How-To's

To use Zaplee with softphones like X-lite as extensions, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your Zaplee account
  2. Go to the Employees tab
  3. Select (or Add) the employee you want to provide with SIP phones
  4. Select (SIP) as the extension type (You will see two greyed out boxes)
  5. Press Save Changes!
  6. You should see your credentials appear in the grey boxes OR you can click on either box and a pop-up will show up displaying the SIP authentication credentials (username/password) for that extension on Zaplee (write these down)
  7. Your SIP/IP Phone will ask for three credentials: username, password (provided in step 5) and domain(s) - for domain - please use
  8. Once authenticated - all calls to that extensions would go to the designated SIP phone/device.
If you find issues with registration of  your SIP phone or softphone. Please check the following
You should be able to ping from command prompt. If the request times out then there is no connectivity from your end, indicating possibly
your are behind firewall which blocks. You need to work with your network admin.