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Archana October 21, 2013 Common Troubleshooting Questions

If you are not receiving emails for voicemail or recorded calls then please check your spam or junk folders.

If they are seen in the spam or junk folders, please add the following email addresses to your contact list., Normally it is not required as the emails are flagged in such a way to avoid spam filtering but its safe to add them anyway.

This will ensures that the messages are trusted by your email service.

Archana October 16, 2013 Announcements


Phone: (855) 3-ZAPLEE

USA: +1 (855) 392-7533

UK:   +44 (0)20 3734-2162 

AUSTRALIA: +61 2 9191 7444


Zaplee, Inc
Technology Innovation Center (TIC)
820 Davis Street
Evanston, IL 60201, U.S.A.