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Routing the call to my skype ID is not working



  • Archana

    This is in reference to #4 mentioned in thread above, When Skype voice mail message is enabled, the caller will hear "The person you are trying to reach is unavailable". This is clue that you have skype voice mail messaging enabled.

    This also confuses your caller as you want them to hear that all operators are busy which is "Everyone Busy" greeting. Therefore disabling Skype voice mail messaging will ensure the call will go to Skype whenever the operator is online and if not the caller will hear "Everyone Busy" greeting.

    You can enable zaplee voice mail messaging which helps you effectively manage all your voice mails.

  • Allwyn Mendonce

    Skype servers are down today " Monday Sept 21st 2015 " If you are facing issues with routing calls to Skype, please temporarily use SIP extn or you can user your cellphone number or land line number to receive calls.

    Customers using phone numbers to receive calls, please enter the phone number by clicking on employee tab, under routing option 1, from your Zaplee account. Below is the acceptable format to enter phone numbers.

    US numbers :    1(area code) ( number )  . for eg: 13121112222 , no space or special characters between the numbers

    For Non US numbers: 011(country code) ( area Code )(number) , for eg: 011441211112222 ,  no space or special characters between the numbers

    Also there is a charge for using phone numbers to receive calls, please keep sufficient funds. You can check and fund your Zaplee balance by clicking on Zaplee billing tab. 

    For clarification please check with us on live chat helpdesk or send us a mail at


    Thank you


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