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My Skype rings but I miss the call before I can answer


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  • Doug

    This is an addition to my prior post - please read through carefully - thanks!

    If there is nothing on your setup/configuration that is out of the ordinary. Please check the following: 

    - do you have as a contact on all your skype accounts? 
    - are you behind any firewalls or very aggressive network anti piracy/anti virus software? If so, please note skype help on resolving firewall issues - 
    - please make sure you have the most updated version of skype 
    - all agents have ONLINE status on their skypes to get calls (so if they walk away or inactive and status changes to away, they won't get calls and it will skip or go to email) 
    - make sure that privacy settings to Skype allow "Display online status over the web" - this allows us to see the presence/status information and route calls accordingly.


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