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How do I transfer a call?



  • Martin

    I have just tried both these methods to transfer or hold a call. however it does not work with my skype? I followed the instructions well enough, is there other settings I should be aware of?

  • William

    I've encountered this same issue - no transferring on Skype.

    Is there anyway to send an instant message that orders the transfer? like sending a skype message to zaplee with the extension command "##123" or "#1123"?

  • Doug

    Update - there is a known issue with DTMF tones (the sound the numbers generate when pressed) with the new version of Skype - please note issue here -


    It might make sense for you to install an older version of Skype until they release a patch that fixes this problem, I believe the 6.0 version was quite good - you can download it from here -


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